Celebrate Your Company's Anniversary on Social Media

Introducing the Champagne Campaign™, a box that's delivered to your door with everything you need to launch a high-quality company anniversary campaign. It's a perfect blend of party and promotion, designed for both work and play.

Each box contains 93 ideas for social media content related to your company anniversary. All posts that will help increase visibility and brand awareness for your business.

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    Lindsey Wigfield

    [That's me. I love great lighting!]

    Who am I?

    Hi, I'm Lindsey Wigfield, author and award-winning marketing professional who loves helping service-based businesses create authentic, engaging content for social media.

    The Champagne Campaign is one way to do it! Your followers want to celebrate with you. That’s why social media posts related to a company anniversary tend to generate two to three times more engagement than your typical posts. Complete the form above for more information.

    What does it include?

    • Company Anniversary Campaign Plan
    • 93 Ideas & Prompts for Social Media Posts
    • Logo-Etched Champagne Flutes
    • Unique Gifts that BEG for Attention